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Why do we travel? A question asked by many but answered by few. For the mass majority, by the time the plane hits the runway at their destination airport, their day-to-day schedules are perfectly planned out. Evidently, planning is very important but why not stop and smell the flowers and really soak in the heart and soul of your destination. I have recently embarked on a week-long journey to Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Upon my arrival in Paris, I was not dawned with a good impression both from the public, and their appearance. That soon changed after visiting Versaille where we walked through their renowned chateau. Upon returning to our hotel, Astoria Opera, I felt that I had gained a basic, yet rare in tourists, knowledge of the city enabling me to find my way around and enjoy the city at the same time. The next day, I visited the Louvre whereI finally got to see the famous Mona Lisa that stares at you at all angles (except when you stand behind it) and Hammurabi's code. I also traveled to the famous lock bridge in Paris where mom leniently gave up her "expensive" lock which we hung forever on the bridge. Maybe one day I will come back and it will still be there. The next day I took the Metropolitan to Sacre-Quer, the whipped-cream colored castle with many steps. During my stay, one of the several highlights was Notre-Dame, where we climbed to the top and stood listening to the ear-piercing dings of the bells in the tower. Another, was our trip into the underground catacombs where I was able to touch human skulls and bones (YAY!) of those who died from infectious diseases. Our flight to Rome was a short yet pleasant one. Upon arrival into Rome, we bought tickets to the interesting hop on-hop off bus tour, and rode around the city. On the next day, I visited the Colosseum and imagined how the gladiator fought in the old days. I also went to the forum and thought about how different the social lives of the Romans were from ours today.

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Okay so listen up people. I'm going on a CRUISE! Yep, you heard me right, a cruise! So tell me, what does Max do when going on vacation? That's right, give you DETAILS. So here I go:
(Sit back, relax, and enjoy the details)
SO, on June 29th, we arrive at the Mount Vernon Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland and stay for one night. The next day, we ride to Baltimore Port and our cruise leaves from there. The cruise line is Carnival and the ship is Carnival Pride. I already know that our cabin number is 6259.
Our itinerary:

* June 30th - Depart from Baltimore
* July 1st - Day at Sea
* July 2nd - Day at Sea
* July 3rd - Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
* July 4th - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
* July 5th - Freeport, Bahamas
* July 6th - Day at Sea
* July 7th - Arrive in Baltimore

And.... I'm not sure if you know, but Anthony is coming with us. I vow that I will post at least twice during this vacation and add many pics. :):):):):):))):))):P)))))))) (many smiley faces)

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Can't Wait

So People,
Remember my last promise?
No? Well, I said that I would post more when I had more info on my trip to..., you guessed it, San Francisco.
We are flying from New York (JFK), to Los Angeles (LAX), where we will get on another plane to San Francisco (SFO). So the details...
We are flying Virgin AMERICA (You know that really cool new airline with A320s and TVs in the planes!). Flights: 6hr 10min, and 1hr 20min.
Bet you know how excited I am. All of us have felt that excitement at some point in our lives. We are staying at hotel in downtown, after staying at the Fisherman's warf last time.
So basically, let me tell you how this is gonna work.
We are taking off on Saturday, May 26 (7:00 New York Time). We land on Tuesday, March 29 (5:59 New York Time) From there, my father is driving me straight to school. And... that does mean I'm missing school on Tuesday. Naughty, Naughty Me!
Hang in there!

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Hey Public,
You know, flying ever so frequently, the excitement never lessens. And trust me, you get more and more excited as the days get closer. Especially on the night of the trip. As some of you might, or might not know, we always come to the airport at 5, leaving home at 2. This way, we take off early in the morning to arrive at our destination as early as possible.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, (the weekend including 1 day off from school and another day off that mom's letting me take) I'm going to San Francisco (KSFO). Virgin America, connecting through Los Angeles (KLAX).
The details are unknown but I'm sure that I'll love it. I'll post, when I find out more!

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